Cruiser Import Company started as JDM Land Cruisers back in 2010.  At the time we were importing RHD Land Cruisers from Japan.  We quickly learned that the majority of prospective buyers were interested in owning a LHD truck, not a RHD truck.  Over time, we established contacts in Spain and the Canary Islands.  Spain became an ideal location to source vehicles because of the arid climate and the availability of rust free, LHD trucks.  We stopped importing Japanes Domestic Market (JDM) vehicles back in 2012, making "JDM Land Cruisers" a misnomer.  Because of this, we have changed our name to Cruiser Import Company.

Although our name has changed, our commitment to importing clean, RUST FREE Land Cruisers has not.  Because of our love of unique and interesting vehicles, we do not limit our imports to just Land Cruisers.  We will often have a Land Rover Defender, Mercedes G-Wagon, or even some vintage Renault 4-LT and Citroen 2CVs in our inventory.  We have a team of Land Cruiser enthusiasts and mechanics in Spain that assist us with the inspection, selection and importation of our vehicles.  After purchasing a vehicle we go through the vehicle and make necessary repairs.  Typically, we do not perform full restorations on the trucks we offer for sale.  We correct any serious issues that impact the running, driving and operation of our trucks.  At times, there may be issues that we do not repair but we will let you know what's not working.  

What can you expect when dealing with Cruiser Import Company? Honesty and Integrity.  We honestly and accurately represent our vehicles.  Some of our trucks are "perfect", or pretty close, some are not.  We are upfront about what is working as well as what is not working, we disclose any issues or problems with the vehicles we have for sale.  For us it pretty simple. Be upfront and honest, let people know what they are getting, don't play games.  Do we miss stuff?  Sure, when we do it's usually minor stuff.  When this happens, we do our best to provide a replacement part or help you sort and fix the problem.

All of our vehicles conform to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) import regulations.  All of our vehicles are legally imported and are inspected by US Customs and Border Protection and come with cleared and stamped documentation from US Customs, EPA and DOT.